Kamala Harris Supports Canceling Columbus Day on New Hampshire Stop


Presidential contender Kamala Harris affirmed her support for doing away with Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day during her first campaign swing through New Hampshire.

Sen. Harris (D-CA) told a Monday crowd in Portsmouth that she would support replacing the longstanding U.S. holiday in favor of “Indigenous Peoples Day,” a movement of the left, according to NBC News.

While hundreds outside were turned away, 1,500 people attended the event, but not before Harris gave them a few moments of her time.

The New Hampshire swing was not only Harris’s first campaign stop in the state, but her first visit there ever. The report stated that she honed in on her intention to compete in the northeastern state despite skepticism. More importantly, it’s the first-in-the-nation primary state. She stopped short of predicting she would win the state, opting instead for tempered optimis. “I plan on doing well here,” she said.

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